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The F4’s take on the Breakdancers

This one has been cropped in a bit.

A couple of shots of the break dancers taken with my Nikon F4, Ilford Pan 400 pushed to 800, and probably the Nikon 35mm f2D lens.  I want to say that shutter speed was probably about 1/10 second. I figured this would be a bit slow but I decided to shoot anyway. To really burn the film I turned up the film advance speed to my camera/battery pack combination’s maxium of 4fps.  This is the only time I’ve ever used this advance speed.

The black stripe at the top due to not being in contact with developing chemicals.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the developing tank. On my second agitation cycle, I noticed spinner wheel on the film tank felt differently but there was nothing I could do. Apparently, the top roll of film in the tank was pushed up out of the chemicals or never sat at the proper level (alternately, the fluid level in the tank might not have been adequate) and thus the entire top edge of the film never was exposed. Initially I though that maybe my F4 had some sort of a stuck shutter blade but fortunatley that is not the case.

Leg blue as the dancer goes through some moves.


Of course, there is no flash for these shots. I would like to return at some point and see if I can shoot again with the F4, but if memory serves me correctly, I can’t use the commander mode of the SB-800, so I’d have to use the optical sensor of the SB-800 off camera with the SB-600 on camera to trigger the 800! Of course, I’d have a dificult time figuring out the flash power. Maybe I’ll just take the ol’ 700 out instead!


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