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I’ll crush your peppers

No photo for this one, just a story. I went into the Supermarket today and it was pretty crowded for only 9AM. The lines at the few open registers were probably 15-20 people long each. I got into one and after waiting a while found myself next in line.

Then some stinky dude showed up and cut in line right behind me. A half a dozen Cantonese women voiced thier displeasure at the guy but he just said that he had one item and then ignored the old ladies. They didn’t push him out of the way but kept complaining. The clerk did nothing. Then the guy set his peppers onto the counter. Was he about to cut in front of me? Should I throw his peppers across the store and make him go get them? I moved left a bit and tried to force him and his peppers out of line. I’d waited patiently in line for over 10 minutes, I wasn’t letting this turd cut infront of me.

Since I was rather annoyed with his behavorior I set my basket on the counter and continued to push his peppers aside. He didn’t push back and as I pushed my basket forward, I started emptying the cart of the woman behind me. The guy at this point gave up and left. The oldy ladies gave me huge thumbs up for forcing the guy out. The end.


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