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Break Dancers, Round3

Tonight I returned with radio triggers! Unfortunately, neither Stone nor JJ were there, and the group that was seemed a bit reluctant to perform in front of the camera. Either they have grown tired or me, or they just didn’t really want to work it. Oh well. Ended up shooting fewer than 50 shots. Decided it wasn’t worth my time so I packed up and went home.

I picked up some cheap radio triggers ( Yongnuo YN-04’s) and another flash (Yongnuo 460 mkI). I’ll write more about those in the future but based on what I’ve experienced so far, the flash is not too bad, but I’m still not 100% sold on the radio triggers. They are not Pocket Wizards, but I didn’t feel like blowing $1,300 on Pocket Wizards and Nikon branded equipment.

Only 2 photos that I liked enough to bother posting but oh well. This group just didn’t seem to be thrilled to have their photos taken like the last 2 groups were. They said to go ahead and shoot, but kept out of the lights a good bit, and one of them even sat down right in front of one of my flashes. Not sure if he just didn’t care, or just didn’t know what the effect would be.


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