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Holga 135 and Holga 135BC

I own two 35mm Holgas. Originally, the Holgas were made in the 120 film format, but when I decided to get a holga, I didn’t really know how to deal with 120 film, i.e. where do I get it developed?  So instead of the classic models, I got the new, more “accessible” models.

The Holga 135 is a straight  up no frills camera. Much has been written about them on the internet I guess, but basically the shutter speed is roughly 1/100th of a second, and the aperture is a bit iffy. Some say that the aperture is f13 and that is it; the “Sunny” setting does nothing. I agree. The sunny setting lever is connectedplate when switched, but it sits behind the fixed setting, and being larger, can’t do anything. I’m probably not very clear here. Anyway, I took mine apart and made the hole bigger, so perhaps it will let him more light. More research is needed. I don’t have an f2.8 or anything, but it should be a bit more open than the stock setting.

Another shot, same blurring/focus effect taken with the Holga 135. The focus on these cameras is a little bit imprecise since you just turn the lens a bit to select "1 person" "Group" etc.

The Holga 135BC has a plastic mask behind the lens that covers up the corners a bit. It fakes the vignetting that is present on the standard Holga 120’s. This camera stock right now.

Taken with the Holga 135BC. Note the blackened corners. Nice effect, but of course, faked with a plastic mask inside the cameras.

I can’t say that I’ve done much with these cameras. At that time, I didn’t have much experience with film or developing my own photos, so I’ve only run 1 or 2 rolls through each camera. Most of the photos are pretty bad, as  I just went out and shot whatever I came across in my surrounding suburbs. Not exactly a photographer’s paradise. For one thing, there are virtually no people anywhere.  I intend to take the Holgas out in the future and shoot a lot more with them.

One other thing I have is the filter attachment and color filter set. I tried using these with BW film, but it was actually the C-41 Kodak BW 400CN stuff. Not exactly authentic BW stuff, and I can’t find it on my computer anyway at present, so maybe I”m imagining things.

A shot of a field with some flowers taken with the Holga 135. Note the weird focus effect.

Anyway,  I plan to shoot with these cameras a lot more in the future, but try to find something more interesting to actually shoot. These cameras do have an interesting focus/bluring effect. However, I also would like to try out some medium format stuff, and might add a Holga 120 to my collection. We’ll see. . .


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