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Homecoming VI

Finished the weekend! One last day, one last class, and a bunch of quizzes, tests, and work cards to grade and return to teachers and students.  Then I’ll fade into the mysts of time, probably forgotten in a few days.

Oh well, things to look forward to, (and dread a little,) Thursday we’ll have a meeting and I have one last class, a small star blue class. The little munchkins are mostly around 3 years old and they tend to be a bit hard to control. Their parents are also a handful, wanting to sit in class all the time. Whatever, I’m outta here. I did put in a offer to photograph the teachers at the school before I go. They have profile pictures on the wall that look pretty bad. Mine looked professional. Not sure if they will take me up on my offer. Figure it was least I could do for the school before I go.

But anyway, after that we must pack everything up and prepare for a trip to Hezhou. Excited about that. Chill out, maybe take some photos, who knows?

Looking forward to the return to the USA but also a bit worried that life will be boring compared to China. Walked home tonight through the Zhong Da university and there is just so much life on the street after dark. Food vendors, DVD sellers, pedestrians and shoppers alike can be seen running around doing their thing. We saw the dancers and sat down to watch some of them and I thought how much I’ll miss this sort of thing in the USA.

But  there are some things that I’m looking foward to of course. Family is #1. Travel is high up on the list. Combining family and travel will be a real joy I think. I really want to head out on some road trips. I might look into picking up another Crown Victoria  if I can. Sweet car. A little thirsty, but its got a V-8 under the hood. American Muscle there. The body roll in the turns is a bit annoying though.

My tools and the rest of my camera collection, as well as the availability of film and photographic equipment that I’ve been wanting to get for some time is something I’ve thought about. I’m planning to get an Epson V500 or V600 photo scanner so that I can scan my own film. I am not really sure how much editing the photo shop does to the scans when they scan them and that bugs me. I also think that in the long run, getting my own scanner will save me money since the store here charges about $3 a roll to scan the photos. 40 rolls and I’ve given away a scanner.

Also, I’d like to try developing my own slide film. Speaking of slide film, I really want to show Susan our slides. Don’t think she’s seen anything like that before.

Our Ipod Touch failed the other day. So I’d like to get that repaired in the US. Either buy my own repair kit, or get it repaired  by a pro. Here in China the repairs would be virtually the price of a new one, so it is being totalled. Sad, as I just installed an application to assist with BW film developing!

More to come later.


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