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Homecoming VII: Last Day, March 31st

Today is the last day for work. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst classes. They are not bad, just really young, with parents who are very demanding. Parents sit in the classroom most of the time, and the kids cry a lot. Their attention span is mere minutes and after 40 minutes, they pretty much are done sitting. Maybe they will just lay on the floor a bit.

Crying kids, over-demanding parents, spaced out kids, and "Ivan the Terrible" (third child from left) make for a very stressful class.

Anyway, less than two weeks to go before we end up in the USA.

We changed our flight tickets a bit. I called United about 2 weeks ago and got some guy with terrible English. I couldn’t understand him half the time. It was so frustrating I just agreed with whatever the guy said so that he would get off the phone as soon as possible. But for my moment of weakness, I was routed from Beijing to Washington DC, the back to Denver, which meant a very long flight and extra wasted ours of flying back and forth the Eastern half the USA. So we called back and I got Michelle E. She was super friendly, very helpful and best of all, she spoke English! We are now going through SFO then on to Denver. I hope that companies stop outsourcing their help desks and agents to overseas locations.

Anyway, we’ve emptied our apartment a good bit. Our plan is to be virtually packed by Sunday, even through we’ll have another week or so in China before we go.


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