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Day 6

We woke up, had breakfast, then headed over to the park. The signs on the way in said the parking lot was full at 10AM so I initially parked just outside the park, then walked in. We missed the visitor center and nearly walked off into the canyon before I turned around and then realized our mistake. We went to the Visitors Center and I got our car. We also realized that we should have just packed the tent up and grabbed an open campsite, but oh well.


Prior to 2000, it is said that five thousand cars went through the scenic canyon every day and it was a traffic nightmare. Now a shuttle drives through the scenic road in Zion. Shuttles come every 7 minutes or so. Very nice system. We rode all the way to the end, then swung back and got off to go on our hike. We decided to see the Emerald Pools which turned out to be a nice hike of a couple of hours.  We reboarded the shuttle and returned to the Visitors Center.

The Virgin river

There we decided to just cook dinner since we had access to water and a picnic table, neither of which could be found in our camp site. Mashed potatoes, vegetables and curry chicken with cream of mushroom soup poured over top was dinner. Tasty.

Having lunch.

Following dinner, we returned to our campsite to find our tent still there, but filled with sand from the wind. We emptied it out, then went to bed. The next day would bring a round of bad luck. Would Mighty Merc pull through?

The moon rises over our campsite and Mighty Merc.



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  1. J.A.M. says:

    Nice pics, Katherine has gotten big. She just had her first birthday a few weeks ago right?