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Day 3

Espada Mission

Monday’s plan was to see the missions of San Antonio. Including the Alamo, there are 5 of them. 4 are managed by the Natural Park service and the Alamo is managed by the Daughters of Texas. My opinion is that if you really want to see the Alamo, then go and see it, but if you would like to see a Spanish Mission like the Alamo would have been like, go see one of the other 4 missions, which are managed by the National Park service and are free. There just isnt a lot left of the Alamo, and it is surrounded by downtown San Antonio.

We started the day with some pancakes and bacon from the KOA “chuck wagon.” We were suckered in by the “all you can eat pancakes for $3″. By the time you add on OJ, bacon, etc, you are out $13! Oh well. Then we started to drive around looking for the missions. It became a race towards the end to see all 4 before the 5PM closing time, but we made it. They are all very nice and some have undergone some renovations since I was last there. Very pretty.

After 5pm, we headed into downtown SA to explore a bit, so we did end up seeing the Alamo’s outside. We also got on the riverwalk to check that out and ended up having Tex-mex for dinner before heading back to our campsite to retire for the evening.  We did go swimming in the pool.  KOA’s are pretty luxurious compared to the campsites we stayed at previously.


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