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Day 5

On Tuesday, we departed Lafayette and continued towards New Orleans. We generally try to stick to the scenic backroads and such. Along the way we saw signs for “Avery Island,” which is the home of the Tabasco sauce factory! We decided to follow the signs and check it out.

Near the Mississipi river, we saw a train and stopped to watch is cross the mighty river over a draw bridge.

The tour was interesting. The sauce peppers are no longer grown in the USA, instead being grown in Central America in a couple of countries down there. This of course probably helps with cheaper labor, as well as guards against a complete loss. However, all of the seeds for these plants are grown on Avery Island. We finished up the tour at the country store where we sampled products ranging from icecream to pickles. Tabasco sauce now comes in many flavors. We bought a few bottles to eat during our trip.

We continued on and arrived at the New Orleans KOA, which is nicely situated outside of New Orleans. Perhaps tenters don’t have a lot of space to spread out here, but the staff were very friendly.


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