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Day 7

Today was the end of the first full week on the road, but in many ways, our trip had hardly begun! We now headed back into New Orleans and got off into a bind when I parked on the wrong side of the French Quarter, and thinking we were east of the area, we headed west into who knows where! Susan and I worked together to find out why we weren’t seeing anything decent, and then we moved the car to the proper place.

Susan looking for something to photograph.

We stopped at a coffee shop for some coffee, Italian soda and muffins before crisscossing the French Quarter. We saw the “human statues,” men who paint themselves silver and gold and then stand around acting pretty weird. There was a robot and another guy who just moved in a snappy “cool” fashion as well as jumping up and scaring people who went past. 

Jackson park and the cathedral were seen, as well as Burbon street and many shops. We finished up our day by  trying the donuts at Cafe de Monde (ok) and then eating at Deanie’s (New Orleans barbque shrimp, good, everything else, ok) We finally walked back to our car after a long day in the French Quarter.


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