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A walk to nowhere

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So today was a pleasant and enjoyable day, but actually nothing much was done.


I got up fairly early actually, and then spent the slightest amount of time emailing the photos from the club to K. Then we both went out to some Japanese restaurant. On the way we walked through the “red light” district. I had no idea it existed.


The restaurant had a distinctive “IHOP” feeling to it, but it was 100% Japanese. You took off your shoes, sat at japanese tables etc. We both got the set meal, and it was tasty and just the right amount of food. We talked a bit during lunch. K is pretty interesting.


One thing though that stands out is how the Japanese have this (probably correct) image of Americans being incredibly fat. K remarked how thin I was, and in Hiroshima there was a lady who came up, asked where I was from, said “you are so thin!” and then left. It was random, but K confirmed that yes, I don’t fit into the stereotype. I told him about the stereotypes that Americans had about Japan.


He wanted to go to the electronics store to pick up a DVD for his camcorder, and I thought I could get a bus to the hells from the station which was near by. Also, there was this Japanese dumpling place that would be open, so I went with him, and then we ate the dumplings. They were really tasty.


I went to the station information desk to see about getting a bus to the “Hells” which are these really hot onsen that you look at, but don’t actually get into because they are too hot. Well, there are 7 of them but the woman said I might not have enough time to see them all as it was 3:20 and they would all close at 5. I decided to put it off until the next day.


So I headed down along the waterfront, taking pictures here and there, and ended up heading towards the mountains. In fact, I think I passed the “Hells.” But it was too late by this time. I was trying to get to the top of the hills so that I could look down on Beppu. I got onto a bus which took me up. I saw a good spot to take a photograph, but the bus kept driving along to the next stop. It took me quite a bit to walk back down. I took the photograph, but it was incredibly cold and windy. I had 3 hot drinks stuffed into my jacket. One of them I kept rubbing to try to warm up my hands. I walked down a bit further and saw a bus stop. I was was just in time, as I looked at the schedule and saw that a bus would arrive in 1 minute, which it did!


I walked through the red light area since it was night, and I thought I’d see something worth taking a picture of, but it was pretty sedate and quiet. Oh well, I went back to the hostel. Tomorrow I hope to see the Hells and then later, K is having a party and he invited me to it. We’ll see what happens.




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