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Day 8

We packed up our camp then headed back to New Orleans to try to get in a Jazz Concert (went to wrong place) and of course started by parking in the wrong place again! The problem is that on my map, the French Quarter appears similar to some other area of NOLA, and when I select a point on it for the GPS to take me too, I fail to notice the error until it’s too late! Ooops! Thankfully, we corrected our problem and parked in a pay lot. We went 2 minutes over the 1 hour time limit when it was time to leave, and had to pay and extra $3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

New Orleans Cemetery.

Our original plan was to see the Battleship park in Mobile, AL. I’ve been there twice and not actually seen the submarine and I wanted to see it this time. However, we arrived a bit later than expected, so we drove around, took some pictures, and I still didn’t see the inside of the submarine!

We took the scenic beach roads which was nice but frustrating as we seemed to hit every red light we could. Our light would turn green, we’d start off, and right away the next one was already turning yellow. Very annoying. I suppose it was to keep people from speeding since they couldn’t get going very fast before stoppping again.

Our KOA was near Gulf Shores, and it was not the worst KOA, but towards the bottom due to the tent site smelling like sewage and then later during the night, a dead animal. The people were fairly friendly though, and if we had stayed there longer than one night it might have ranked higher.


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