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Day 10

For Monday, we booked a canoe rental with Rainbow Springs Canoe and Kayaks. This was one of the things I was most looking forward to on my trip as I once had a great canoe trip in Florida, and hope to do a long canoe trip in the future.  We arrived an hour later due to forgetting about the time change but they still had a rental for us. A driver carried us upriver and we launched.

A turtle!

Immediately we started upriver for the head springs. Once we reached that, we turned around, paddling when needed but generally drifting down river. Along the way we saw birds, turtles, and fish, but no crocodiles. The water was too cold for them. At the bottom of the river, the water went from super clear to almost black as we left the Rainbow river and entered another river. All too soon we arrived at the rental place where we turned everything in and headed back to camp.

Katherine did pretty well but we decided canoeing might not be for us right now. Susan had to deal with Katherine most of the time, which left me to do all the paddling. So we’ll wait until Katherine is older before doing another trip most likely. But all in all, a fun day.


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