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Day 11

Day 11 was a travel day and we headed South along the coast towards Key West. Mostly we just proceeded slowly along the “scenic” roads, hitting one red light after another. We did however go somewhat out of our way to see Florida’s Fort Desoto park. However the fort was closed for renovation! We ate lunch instead of left over chicken and then  went out on the pier where we could see a few dolphins darting about. Many people were fishing but not catching much. Eventually we left there and went to the NPS Desoto National Memorial park which was just a bit further south. They did a nice job of giving us a history of Desoto’s 4,000 mile trek around the SE US. Apparently, it was a failure for Desoto, who died of fever during the trip.

A large bird watches as is watched

After that we continued along to  our campsite near Fort Myers, FL. It was raining so we went to a Chinese Restuarant. It was ok but to our surprise, Katherine allowed herself to be picked up by the owner! The couple had a daughter in China and I guess they missed her. We left and went back to our campsite after the rain had stopped.


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