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Day 12

The mosquitos were really bad at Fort Myers, and even in the morning, I was eaten alive. The KOA appeared to primarily be a site for long term RV campers. Many appeared to be really tied down to the location. Tents and perhaps the KOA franchise appeared to be an afterthought. There was no shade for our site.  Wildlife was abundant however. I saw ducks, crabs, and lots of birds in the campsite.

We arrive at the campground and are greeted by one of the residents.

We headed into the Everglades, saw one of the visitors centers, and then tried gator at some airboat guide office. We didn’t go on an airboat tour though. Just not a lot of interest. We stocked up on food but then realized we were too late to make it to Key West. So we spent the night in Homestead, FL. Our campsite was crazy. Smoke was everywere, the office was inside a boat, and the owner was something else. She was great! Right up to your face, loud, and full of great stories with lots of animation. Wished we had gotten here photo. She was very nice, even getting Katherine a ball to play with. One of the most memorable campsites of the trip, but not part of the KOA system.


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