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Day 14

Today we encountered a bunch of iguanas in our campsite. We did toss them a couple of noodles while eating breakfast, but we were concerned they were carnivorous so we chased them away when they got too close. But they just sat there lurking and waiting. We put all our vegetables under the rain fly and then went to town.

A Lion Fish.

Today we spent most of the day walking around gift shops and the like but we did see a Coast Guard ship museum, the Eco-tec discovery center, and the  Key West aquarium.  Pretty cool and worth a visit. While there we learned that Iguanas are an invasive species but fitting in well in general, neither obliterating native speices of environments, nor ended up with no predators. We also learned they do not eat meat, but leaves. At that moment, I knew we would never see our broccolli again.


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