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Day 15

Upon returning to our campsite the previous night, we indeed discovered that the iguanas had eaten all of our broccolli, but hadn’t touched the green bell peppers or cucumbers. I figured they either couldn’t eat them due to the size, or didn’t like them.  At breakfast, the iguanas wer back, and it wasn’t long before one walked right into camp and ate our bell pepper infront of our faces. Then they went after our potatoe peels. Turns out, they’ll eat anything! We did get some photos.

Chow down boys!

Today we saw the aquarium again (we wanted to see them feed the fish, well worth it, since the tickets are good for two days) and we saw the nearby “shipwreck museum.” Keywest has a history of salvagers, but the museum was only so-so.  We also saw the Mel Fisher museum, which is very good. In addition to the treasures from the Spanish treasure ship Atocha, they also had an exhibit on pirates and slaves. Personally, I think it was better than the pirate exhibit that has been travelling around the US right now and is currently in Denver.  We finished up the day with a restuarant where we tried conch fritters, conch chowder, and seared tuna. I wouldn’t pay more than $1/ fritter in the future. They were no better in the restaurant than on the street, and are basically a ball of fried bread anyway. The chowder was good, but we couldn’t see the conch. The seared tuna wasn’t bad.  All in all, our last day in Key West was as enjoyable as the previous days, and we really enjoyed Key West.


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