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Day 22

After many days, we departed Vero Beach and headed to Savannah, GA. I figured we’d leave about 10AM, but as usual, we left at least an hour later than planned, then didn’t seem to make great time as we headed north. We¬†did arrive in St. Augustine, FL to tour the Spanish forts there. We first saw Fort Matanzas, which basically guards the “back door” to St. Augustine and the Castillo there. Things look different now, 200 years later, but still the fort is worth a quick visit. It really was just a gun platform, water tank, and small quarters for may 6-10 men. There is a free shuttle that leaves the visitor center every hour on the half hour so we took that, saw the fort, then rushed back as fast as we could. I didn’t want to miss the main fort.

Sunrise in Vero Beach.

The Castillo de San Marcos is the main fort, and worth the visit. We picked up a self guided tour brochure, went around, took some pictures until the battery died, and then reboarded Mighty Merc for the 3 hour drive north to Savannah, which we made around nightfall.






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