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Canoe Mods

After the first trip, I decided to accessorize the canoe a bit. The first addition was some bow and stern cleats. The canoe came with an anchor which I really haven’t used yet but now I can tie off easily.  Adding the cleats was actually really fast since there was a metal plate slid into grooves in the front and back. I slid the plate out, drilled some holes, then slid it back in. Simple.

The cleat as attached to the bow and stern "plates".

The next modification is a bit more challenging and this is adding outriggers. Since I will have a 3 year old on board with me, I want to have a bit of extra reassuring stability. I’m using this guy’s Youtube video to start from.  He’s using 4 inch  PE pipe, which I found difficult to find. I can get PVC pipe easily, but 4 inch is very heavy. I went with 2 inch pipe. To attach the outriggers to the canoe I’ve epoxied blocks of wood to the gunwhales amidships. Slots in the PVC fit over this, then I ratchet it down. In this way I haven’t had to drill holes in the canoe.  However, I won’t be able to finish the job until I empty all the root beer I bought for the 2 liter bottles. Might be a few days before I can test the rig out!

Test fitting the outrigger setup. One area for further development is to figure out how to break it down so that it will fit into the car for transport.

Glueing the pipes. Note the wood block which helps locate the outriggers.



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