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Finished with Page 1

This weekend saw a lot of progress on the Hitia 17.  No longer is it a jumble of plywood parts on the garage floor. It looks like a boat. This weekend I glued the sheer stringers and keel pieces together to make them long enough, glued them to the hull panels, then started the drilling and stitching of the hull panels. This really took a lot of time but as soon as I had one hull complete, I went ahead and shoved bulkhead 4 into it to see what it looked like. It was an awesome feeling to reach this point. It is a big milestone to me to finish with Page 1 of the plans and move into page 2. Page 1 definitely took a long time due to the hours and hours of prep work that went into each part.

Hitia 17 hulls

Here I pose next to the hulls at the end of the weekend’s building marathon. Also in the picture are the two cradles, made from the miss cut fore decks and a broken saw horse.

The bulkheads needed all the deck supports and what not glued on, so I did that. I didn’t even wait for the epoxy to dry. It helped that I had nailed all the parts on as well using a nail gun. It took another couple of hours to wire in bulkheads 4 and 3. #2 is ready to go. All I have to do is to drill the wire holes and stitch that in place. Maybe tomorrow evening.  At least the epoxy will be fully cured. I also threw together a couple of cradles as the hulls kept tipping over. I tried inverting a saw horse, but that didn’t work out very well.

stitching hitia 17 keel

Stitching the keel was not too hard, but did take a little while. Behind me is the other hull, temporarily popped open.

I also discovered that I cut the fore decks too short, so I’ll have to recut those out. Bummer but I hope that I have enough plywood. I am never sure how much I will feel like working on the boat during the week, but I would really like to finish the bulkhead stitching before this weekend, and start the glueing and epoxy fillets this weekend.  While waiting for the epoxy to cure, I may start working on the beams or the cottage.

Hitia 17 bulkheads

Working quickly, I smeared epoxy on the wood, placed them into position, then nailed them to the wood. After finishing this step, I immediately started to stitch them into the hulls.

hitia 17 hulls

The hulls at the close of the building session. The aft decks and cockpit floors are just sitting there to see how they’ll look.


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