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Hitia 17: Page 2 nearly complete

Didn’t do anything this week, but yesterday I worked a good bit on the boat. I wired in the rest of the bulkheads, glued in the diagonal hull stiffeners, and did the epoxy fillets for the keel and bulkheads. Finally, I also built a new hull cradle, this one with wheels so that I can easily move the hull around the garage. I’ll build another one next weekend.

Hitia 17 build

All the bulkheads and diagonals are installed.

The bulkhead stitching went pretty well. I was using 18AWG doorbell wire but think that 16 AWG would be better as I broke a number of stitches and had to double up the wire in places. The fillets are a messy process. I started to use the 16 oz mixing cups that I purchased with the epoxy supplies, but this was such a pain. I could only mix about 15 squirts of epoxy and filler each time and it took many cups worth to do the first keel. I ended up getting a half gallon paint bucket from home depot which allowed me to mix 64 squirts or more. I didn’t try to mix more than that as I didn’t want it to cook off on me.

Susan was a big help with the fillets. She’d mix a bucket and give it to me about the time I’d need another one. So I could work almost continuously without having to stop and mix up filler all the time. I think with Susan’s help and the larger bucket, I did the second keel and all the bulkheads in the time it took me to do that first keel.

Next task, build the cross beams.

Hitia 17

Working on the Hitia 17, a view from the time lapse camera.


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