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Hitia 17 update

This Saturday I got a late start on the boat due to needing to go into work, but Susan helped a bit so it wasn’t a huge hit. She worked on the hulls a bit sanding the insides  to prepare them for the decks.  Meanwhile, I built a second hull cradle out of scrap wood so that both hulls can be easily moved around. This was nice as the hulls could be wheeled outside the garage to give me more space to work on the cross beams. I glued on the bottoms of the beams. As before, I glued, clamped, nailed, then removed the clamps and started on the next beam.

I set those aside to dry and began to work on the deck stringers for the left hull. I had to rip some boards down to size, then cut and trim the stringers to fit the hulls and the handles. I made my handles slightly larger than the plans called to better fit my hands. I glued the stringers to the left hull decks and then attached the rear deck to the hull. After glueing, clamping and nailing the deck down, I called it a day.


Tomorrow I’d like to finish installing the decks, fillet the crossbeams, then start on the floors. The floors will take a bit of time as I’d like to make the floor hatches bigger. Deck hatches cost a lot of money so additionally, I’d like to use the cut out piece from the floor as a drop in hatch cover. Probably won’t be waterproof, but my boat will primary be used on smaller lakes and rivers, so I’m not too worried about a wave filling the cockpit with water. In fact, I do not plan to install the drain holes in the cockpit.

We shall see.


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