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Still plugging along on the Hitia 17

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks but I have still been making slow progress on the Hitia 17.  At this point, I’m on page 5 of the plans, and the beams have the fillets done. I also picked up the rudders and coated them with epoxy. I’d done those months ago but haven’t worked on them since. I cut out the tiller parts and started on those. One tiller is curing right now. I’ll finish the other one this week. I didn’t think things through and thus found myself doing an emergency garage rearranging to get the tiller handles some space to glue them up. This didn’t leave a lot of room for the second tiller handle, and I also wanted to make sure I didn’t glue it up wrong since they are mirrored and I didn’t want  to accidentally curve the tiller the wrong way.

hitia 17

Now on page 5 of the plans, I can look forward to many hours of sanding and preparing prior to fiberglassing the hitia 17.

The current task is to sand the hulls down, and that will take 5+ hours I think. . . just for the deck. Then I’ll have to flip the hulls over, apply filler to the gaps and joints of the hull bottom, wait for it to cure, then sand that down. I hope to start fiberglassing the hulls next Sunday but do not think I’ll be able to finish the fiberglassing until the following week when I can flip the hulls back upright and glass the top.

I’ve decided to deviate from the plans again with the hatches. I wanted wooden hatches with wooden covers/lids rather than the fabric ones the designer called for. Since I wasn’t sure how the hatch openings the designer called for would work, I just made up some square frames 1.5 inches tall and epoxied those into place. The good news is that the hatch coamings were really fast and easy to make and didn’t require any multi step laminating like the plans called for.

I’d really like to launch this boat for the July 4 weekend but it is going to be tight. Like I’ll be launching a partially completed sail boat. . . with no mast or sails. But I intend to get a little outboard anyway so I’ll probably be putting around for the maiden voyage.

hitia 17 cockpit

View of the cockpit area showing the much larger storage hatches. My goal was to be able to fit the life jackets through the hatch opening and I can.


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