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For about a month now, I’ve been rather busy at work, so there has been no work on the boat. Good news, I finally am going back to the old schedule, so I should be able to work faster on the boat. Very excited. Prior to the sabbatical, I actually glassed the bottom of one of the hulls, and I have been trying to decide whether or not to paint it now while it was upside down, or wait until later. Might have jumped the gun, but I painted the hull. This way, I don’t have to keep flipping it  all the time. I decided to go with blue. It’s a great color, but I did read somewhere that darker colors show imperfections. There are a lot of them! However, I’ve decided to try to get the boat finished. If it bothers me enough, I can sand the hulls down a lot more this winter when it is too cold to go boating. I’m hoping to get this thing launched so that I can use it before it gets cold. I’m using Behr Exterior paint as I’ve decided my occasionally used river boat will do just fine with that. Much cheaper to change the color later if I decided to.

Hitia 17 Sanding

Always more sanding, this time on Hull #2 prior to fiberglassing.

This weekend, I expect to have the second hull glassed and the bottom painted. Hull #1 will be turned back upright and I’ll keep working on the deck.  Probably won’t happen, but I’d really like to start aligning the hulls sometime this week, and also have the rudders mounted  and continue work on the steering.

Hitia 17 paint

Painting the bottom of Hull #1

Turns out, I’ll have some trouble registering it, as TN requires me to pay taxes on all the building materials and since I don’t have many receipts. . .  so we’ll have to cross that bridge when I  get there. For all I know, I’ll just have to drag the boat upriver and float down on some giant, ungainly raft.


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