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Finished the swims

Yesterday was a great day as I finished the swims. In order to pass the divemaster course one must do 4 timed exercises. A 15 minute float to tread water, a 400 meter swim with no aids, an 800 meter snorkel, but you can’t lift your head out of the water or use your arms, and a 100 meter tired diver tow. You must get at least 12 points, and the maxium points available are 20. The 15 minute float was probably the easiest, though for 2 minutes, you must keep your hands above water.

Over a period of weeks, I tried to get the other 7 points I needed. The 400 meter swim was pretty bad for me, since I can’t swim worth a darn. I only got 1 point. I tried the 800 meter and got 2 points. The tired diver tow got me 3 points, giving me a total of 11 points. I needed just 1 more point. I tried the  400 meter swim, but gave up after 2 laps. Not fast enough.

I tried the 800 meter swim, but again threw in the towel as I ran over the time needed to get me 3 points. 

I finally decided to try the tired diver tow, but I would make some changes. I ran out a straight course, figuring it would be faster than swimming around the boat, since there were two 170 degree turns involved, and by eliminating all the turns, I figured I could shave off more than 40 seconds from my previous attempt. I’d also tried using my regulator the first attempt, but soon found that I couldn’t get enough air. This time, I’d just use my snorkel.

We ran out a reel to 100 meters, then started off. However, right away, I flooded my snorkel and had to lift my face out of the water to clear it. I kept going, but now was really out of breath. I could barely finish, but did get my 4 points.

All I have to do is my map, and once that is done, I’ll be good to move on to the next things.


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