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False start, and the Monopoly King

Today I got my laptop back, and the good news was that it was something to do with the motherboard. The chip was burned out due to high heat most likely. Only 3,000 baht. Not a bargain, but better than a new screen, which would have been more than 8,000 baht. The bad news was, when I got it home, I realized there is a problem with the charger connection, so I took the laptop back to have them fix it. We’ll see if they succeed.

In other news, most everyone was getting together to have a huge English breakfast for dinner. However, I was told it was going to be 150 baht (about $5) and it turned out to be twice that. The breakfast didn’t look that good, so Susan and I left. I felt like Indian, or Ruby Tuesdays, but Susan was getting cranky and didnt want to ride around any longer. We just went back to Leks.

Once there, we ate and then Conner and Nathan showed up. Steve joined in, and we ended up playing Monopoly. SUsan was only the banker. It was a bit strange playing with them, since in the past, deals that saved you from going bankrupt were not allowed, so someone would land on you, but then another player would pay the $500 needed to pay me, and get Baltic Ave in return. Maddening to be sure, but oh well. The game went on a long time, but finally Steve gave up after I had about 4 or 5 monopolies to his one. He was doomed.

Then Conner had some silly stupid idea to deal out properties, make deals, and every monopoly would start with hotels. I won that too, but the game was pretty stupid.

I’d like to set up a game when I get more money. Every one would “buy in” with thai baht. Winner would take all the money. Muwahahaha.


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