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Why it sucks that my computer is broken

I’d like to post more photos, but unfortunately, all of the software to handle the files from my camera is on my computer, and while Susan does have one, its not capable of handling the programs or the massive files from the cameras. Thus, its really annoying that I can’t look at the photos I took recently, much less post them. Hopefully, I will be able to do it soon.

I’m also hoping that my laptop will make it another 19 months or so after this repair. If it doesn’t, then I think I will have largely wasted my money on the upgrades if the rest of the computer falls apart.

I think I’ll start saving over the next year or so for a replacement in case my laptop fails and can not be repaired. The problem of course is that while many laptops are available for just a few hundred dollars, they don’t have the specifcations to meet my needs, and wants. So it won’t be cheap to replace my computer if it is completely broken.  My fingers are crossed.


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