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Day 2 of the Prep Course

Today was day two of the prep course. This started off with a presentation we were supposed to prepare the previous day. All of us did relatively well.

Then we listened to Gary get up and call us “d**kheads” for an hour or 2 before taking a test and then breaking for lunch. Following that, we headed off to some hotel to use the pool. We used did a  run through of how to present, demonstrate, and observe a skill for students, as if we were instructors.  Again, we did relatively well.

Finally, Gary left, and we did a “skills” circuit with Meg. For the instructor examination, we must demonstrate 20 skills without failing any of them, but additionally, we have to do a circut to pass the dive master course. Meg was a bit easier on us than if we were testing to be Instructors, but overall, we did fairly well. A couple of skills we really made hash of. One was buddy breathing. Dan for example made a couple of mistakes, small, but I was intent on trying to get him to realize them, and forgot to give him back his regulator. Anyway, we passed the DM course, so I’m now 1 step closer to being an Instructor.


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