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The 3 Stooges Dive

Today was the final day of the prep course. The plan was simply to get on the boat and run through an open water instruction scenario. It went pretty badly. Nobody did their briefings prior, so when we did them for Gary, it pretty much sucked for all of us. We suited up and got into the water. Since again, none of us had done any of this before, it was more suckery. We went down, and sucked some more. The debriefing followed, which also sucked.

Gary told us how badly we sucked and said we had the wrong attitudes and if we wanted to fail then it was our problem and we could do whatever we wanted to do.

To be fair, we hadn’t prepared all that well. For me, I wasn’t feeling well but I can’t speak for the others. Don’t really care. For the afternoon Gary told us to do whatever we wanted. The three of us decided to run through the scenario again, and tried to enlist Meg or Kaleb. Gary refused to allow this, so we tried things again on our one. Problem: as we started our briefings, we found out that the boat was preparing to depart for the Kood. If we wanted to do our thing, we needed to get into the water immediately.

I knew I could do it, even if I just had to throw all my gear overboard and swim around to pick it up. I quickly dawned my wetsuit and then realized I need to change tanks. I did so, in about a minute, and looked around. Dan was nearly ready. Good enough. Dan and I charged to the back of the boat, and threw over a buoy and some ropes to assist us with out scenario. With the anchor windlass turning, I jumped in with fins in hand, and my mask around my neck. Dan did the same. However, Nathan is always the last one in, and this time it was no different. He failed to don his wetsuit, or even change his tank over, and as he stood on the swim platform, the boat was moving. Dan and I called for him to jump and after a pause to wonder if the boat would stop for him to get off, he did.

It was basically the most rediculous entry that I’ve ever witnessed, much less been a part of. I hoped that everyone had their masks and fins and all their gear with them.

Thankfully, we did. We did the skills again, and perhaps did a bit better and then waited for the boat to arrive.


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