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Busy days

The last couple of days have been rather busy with courses. Yesterday, I completed the Oxygen provider course, which by now is review. I’ve already taken the Rescue Diver course, and the EFR course, so this latest course on oxygen is ok, but generally known.

Today was the EFR instructor course. I finished it with no problems but probably won’t jump out the door and start teaching it. The course mainly shows you how, but I realize I must really get to know my stuff with this course.

I’ve finished my book work up to this point, which is nice.

The next two days are off, so I intend to get on the boat with my camera and hope to take some great underwater photos.

Speaking of photos, I’ve really caught up with the photos on my computer. Just a few more steps and I’ll put up 2 or three galleries very soon.

That’s all for now.


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