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New Photos added

I’ve added 4 new galleries.  It took me so long to do this since my hard drive failed, which took weeks and weeks to sort out, and then the computer failed, which took a while to fix, and then I had hundreds, no, more like thousands of photos to sort through. Of course, after I pick the photos I like, I must then really sit back and find a “look” that I like. One down side about digital cameras is that each photo is virtually perfect when it comes out of the camera. There isn’t a particular look about them compared to film. A photo taken with film instantly comes with certain levels of contrast, saturation, and clarity that you just dn’t get from a digital camera, especially a digital SLR shooting RAW. RAW files taken with a digital camera are basically straight out of the camera, and have no enhancements done what so ever. It is exactly as the image sensor sees the image.

So once I pick the images I have hope for, I’ll play with a few of them. For these photos, I picked a style for each series of photos, and then applied it to all the others with minor variations. It suits me just fine, as if I had a roll of film that worked well in some situations but not all.



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