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A Day off

Today there was no diving. Several interns decided to take advantage of this day off to deal with Thai visa requirements. I wanted to get Susan a re-entry permit.  

5 of us piled into a baht bus to head to the next town. We arrived to find a line worthy of any DMV. We also found the clerk we needed to see reading a newspaper behind the counter. After a half hour of this I got mad enough to ask some floor clerk when the counter would open. The clerk mumbled something about “down.” We could only figure that the staff couldn’t get the counter stooge to “put his newspaper down.” After another 10 minutes I asked another guy. Turns out, the computers were down but the counter would be opening anyway. The only thing was that we’d just have to leave our passports for a day.


After that, we went to Mermaids Dive shop. Mermaids is Aquanauts main competitor. They have a super nice shop. It’s 2 or 3 times bigger than Aquanauts, and has a lot more floor stock. I hate shops that say “We can order whatever you want and have it in two days.” I want it TODAY! Well, mainly I like to look before I buy. I didn’t need any dive gear but it was fun to look at the latest and greatest in fins, masks and whatever else they sell.


We left that shop and started heading down the road back to Pattaya. There was a Mexican restaurant we figured we would try. Susan made us all look bad as we lagged behind as she marched towards the restaurant. Later she admitted she was in a hurry to get to the bathroom.


Mike’s Mexican Restaurant was not yet open as it wasn’t even 11AM. The door (similar to a garage door) was open about a foot though. I got down on my knees and peered under. “Mike?!? Mike? You in there? Buenos dias? Quien aqui? Queremos comidas!”


The other interns started laughing and were about to leave but I could hear the pitter patter of flip flops running to the door. It didn’t sound like “Mike” but I still hoped this wasn’t an enraged Homberg 300 pounder. The door flew open and the waitress told us that they weren’t open until noon. After some pleading though we persuaded them to open a bit earlier.  What followed was a delicious lunch that made us all so tired we could barely get back to Pattaya before we fell asleep.


I would highly recommend Mikes Mexican to anyone who is so inclined.



Not that I’ll ever go back.


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