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GUILIN is one of China’s most famous cities, at least in China. It is very old, and has an abundance of natural and man made beauty. Fortunately not everything was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. The natural beauty is made up by the lakes and rivers, as well as the mountains which are “karst” formations. We spent just a bit of time in Guilin, so I didn’t see too much of the caves and hills around town.

This guy was some sort of crossing guard who glared at everyone.

We left Guangzhou and flew to Guilin, which ends up being just 1 hour away. We missed out hotel pickup on account of arguing with the airlines after they lost part of our stroller but we took a cab and arrived at a comfortable  hotel with a view of the river.  Since we had failed to pack enough diapers, our first order of business was to buy some. My wife used to live in Guilin so we walked down to the baby store section. In Chinese cities, it is common to find all of the stores of a certain type on the same street. In Guangzhou there is an entire street full of camera shops. It is a wonderful street!

Me in an ocean of motorbikes

After we picked up diapers and other things we should have brought (but let me tell you, I brought along enough memory cards and batteries to last a whole week!) we continued along and I got my first view of the famous pagodas. If you ever get to Guilin, the walk around the lake is really nice with much to see. In fact, I must mention, that perhaps my photos are not 100% supportive of my text here, but I took thousands of photos, so I’m only posting the ones that I like a lot or that. Otherwise there would just be too many of them. Hence, I don’t have any super wide angle views of the lake, but just a small piece of it.

The Two Towers

The WifeClimbing the stairs


A butterfly

The hotel offers a Lady of the Night


We joined up with some family for dinner. I’ve never met them, and may never see them again. However, they were genuinely nice people, and less annoying than some Chinese family that Imet. I like them all of course, but some are very bossy and opinionated, and I start to feel a bit like  eunich when I’m around some of them. I like to feel like a man! Dinner was also really good.

The Uncle

Looking a bit confused.


After dinner, we walked around the lake some more. The pagodas were lit up really nicely at night. The only downside is that one must compete for the popular spots. We also were treated to a concert by an excellent musician. I was trying to get a different look with the lighting, but avast! my flashes were not firing properly. At the distance I was at, I could get one or the other, but not both to go off. One thing I like about the Chinese is that they seem to be into photography a bit more than Americans. You see a lot of SLR’s in the hands of Chinese tourists but westerners almost all have point and shoots. I’ve even seen a Leica M9 now and again. The other thing is that they all assume that I’m working for Nat Geo so I can get away with doing a lot of crazy things that few shooters in the west could do without permits and the like. 

The Musician


More to come. . . .

Wife and Child in front of the pagodas at night, Guilin, China.


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