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The first of my bicycles has been moved and updates. More will follow soon.

This is my bakfiets. A sort of blog of its construction can be found if you click the link. At current, I haven’t seen it in over 11 months, so I’m not sure about its status. Last I saw, it was green and black, and before that, it sported a “General Lee” Dukes of Hazard paint scheme. This is it in its “classic” color scheme

This was the concept for a “second generation” bakfiets. Basically, the plan was to have off as much weight as possible, while improving less than ideal traits of the original. It has never been built, and probably never will at this point. In the future, I might clean this up and put in more information for others.

This was my Chopper bike. It went through about 4 major changes, each time growing more and more radical, and having less and less of the host bike until it was finally canabalized, and then recycled.

For the rest of the bicycles, you may go to the old site, but that site will be ending in the near future so please check back here for more information!