Le Royale II
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After finishing (for the most part) my last cargo trike, I already was thinking about how to best build a new one. Mainly, something far lighter. Here is the concept for "Le Royal II." 

Major goals to accomplish with this version:
1.Reduce weight without sacrificing strength. My goal is to be able to carry 500 pounds of cargo with this thing and have the trike weigh as little as possible. I'm not sure how much I could shave off, but 30 or 40 pounds might be possible. Theoretically, the max gross weight might go up, since the tires limit box load of the current version to around 500 pounds. If I shave off 50 pounds, I might be able to increase payload allowances slightly. However, this is not my current desire.

2. Eliminate the box flex. The box with the current one can  bend the pivot. Not very noticable with light loads, with heavy loads, this can be very noticable.

3. Reduce the ability of this trike to tip forward. If you sit on the front for example, the bike wants to tip forward, lifting the rear wheel, which then slams into the stop. I intend to move the box  back about 5 inches and see if that fixes the problem.

Other additions:
I would like to make the handle bars adjustable. The idea is to have a joint. The bar will then rotate about 8 inches from the joint. Shorter people presumably have shorter arms, so theoretically, adjusting the handle bars would move the bars both back and down.

I'd also like to make the box doors hinges on the side. So instead of having the door hinge downward, the door might just swing on the side. I might have double doors. Another possibilty might be to just have the whole front gate come off. Not sure yet, but something will change.

Le Royale Le Royale II
Actual Dimensions:
Length: ?? inches
Wheel Base: ?? inches
Width: ?? inches
Front wheel contact point width: ?? inches
Box rotation: ?? degrees
Weight: 152 ±3 pounds
Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 84 inches
Wheel Base: 60 inches
Width: 42 inches
Front wheel contact point width: 41 inches
Box rotation: 35 degrees
Weight: 110 pounds (goal weight)

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